TravelBuzzes Inventory Management

TravelBuzzes Inventory Management

Inventory Management Systems- why you need one


You are packaging trips and selling them in your own travel agencies or through third party agencies?

You are already selling your trips online, but only on request and without availability check and seasonal prices?

If you don’t use an inventory management system yet, that means you are spending a lot of time with administrating your trips and managing your sales efforts.

If you are reselling your trips through agencies, you need to make sure that each of them have the full documentation on the trip, know the scope of your offers and the correct pricing.

Consequently, you need to communicate for each booking to confirm or deny the availability.

As the departure date draws closer, it will become more and more difficult to sell the last seats available.


How TravelBuzzes Inventory Management helps you


With TravelBuzzes inventory management, you can upload your services, get bookings from consumers or agents directly and resell through your own network on your own URL, using the TravelBuzzes software exclusively.

We will charge you a moderate monthly usage fee, but no transaction fees.

Joining the community


Instead of running the inventory management software on your own URL, exclusively for your own services, you can join the community and upload your services to our portal. Your travel packages will then be searchable and bookable on

Here,users can book your services and will receive automatic confirmations based on templates and rules you set in the system. Customer payments will be made directly to your account according to your settings in your packages.

We will charge you only in case of booking, therefore we suggest that you upload your services to TravelBuzzes in any case.


How we make your customers happy


Registered customers can manage their bookings and preferences, they can write a blog and upload their holiday photos to share with the community.

Registered users can set their preferences and a matching „Inspiration Page“ is created with best offers and blogs from which the user can book immediately. The user can rate his bookings, get in touch with the provider, cancel his booking or request special services from all agencies connected to TravelBuzzes.

Agencies can create booking reports, set up templates and close contracts with other agencies to resell each other services for a commission.

All bookings are availability checked and automatically priced, confirmations are sent to client and provider automatically based on provider’s email-templates.


Why that’s good for you


The TravelBuzzes inventory system will increase your efficiency and decrease the probability of human errors.

The online booking features will increase your reach for potential customers, especially if you also use our free-of-charge booking API and implement it into your own and affiliate’s websites. It will multiply your booking chances!

What you should do


Don’t wait any longer. Save money due to higher efficiency. Increase your revenue by generating a higher booking volume.


save time and money now. Decide for more bookings and a higher process quality by uploading your trips to TravelBuzzes.

Take a glimpse!

Create a package
Create event with numbered and unnumbered seats
Tours and excursions on TravelBuzzes
Book excursions online with TravelBuzzes
Tours and excursions on TravelBuzzes part 2
Assign places, tours types, departure sequences, allotments and prices
Tours and excursions in TravelBuzzes, part 3
Create booking rules and descriptions for your tours in TravelBuzzes
Create Price Rules

Travel Providers


per booking

Travel Providers, such as travel agencies, tour operators, event agencies, DMCs, hotels etc. can upload their services to TravelBuzzes and use the TravelBuzzes backend for free.

Register on and upload an authorization which shows that you are a tourism industry company. We will check your data immediately and grant you access for free.

Only in case of a booking, we charge 5 EUR

Tour Guides


per traveller

Upload your services, create travel blogs and upload destination photos to increase your reach to potential customers.

Sell to international agencies (optional) and travellers alike.

Increase your business with low effort and high efficiency.

Register today!

Event Tickets


per ticket

Upload your events and create numbered and unnumbered tickets.

Calculate prices per customer type and resell on to travel agencies (optional) and consumers.

Use the sophisticated backend of TravelBuzzes for a quick and easy booking generation.

Start today!



per month

Online travel agencies, tour operators, agency chains, DMCs etc. who want to run a travel booking platform, can license TravelBuzzes and use it for their purposes.

If you generate a higher amount of bookings or want to run TravelBuzzes on your own URL and administrate the platform for your needs, this license it your best choice.

No additional booking fee arises.

Patricia Hochstädter