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    Tours & Excursions in TravelBuzzes

    How Tour Guides can sell more excurions online

    As Tour Guide or excursions provider you need to be where your customers are when booking their trip

    –  to enable them to book a memorable stay in your region.


    How to increase your bookings

    Upload your services to our Tour module in TravelBuzzes and get your services booked by consumers and travel agencies or DMCs.


    TravelBuzzes Features

    You can create your profile and upload your services quickly. Adding photos and descriptions assigning the languages in which you provide your tours.

    You can add additional services like meals, pick-up service etc.

    When packaging your tours, you can add pricing rules, forms of payment, payment fees, allotments and prices.

    Once you are registered to the platform, potential customers can not only book your services, they can also send requests for special services. You will then receive a notification and can quote for them through TravelBuzzes.

    How to increase bookings on your own website

    Our booking API allows you to integrate online booking options into your own website and affiliate websites. Once the API is implemented, you can generate bookings from the same inventory without much effort or additional cost.


    What you should do now

    Contact us to learn how TravelBuzzes fits your business and explore the potential!

    Tours and excursions on TravelBuzzes
    Book excursions online with TravelBuzzes

    Tour & excursion package – Part 1

    With TravelBuzzes you can create and calculate tours and excursions of any kind and package them for selling to consumers and agencies.

    As you can see in the screenshot, you can assign multiple meeting points to a tour (excursion) to cover all pick-ups.

    You can add additional services, such as transfers, meals, admission tickets etc. as optional or included services.

    If the pricing of your services changes during the season or for particular dates or your form of payment changes depending on the booking date, you can add price rules.

    Tours and excursions on TravelBuzzes part 2
    Assign places, tours types, departure sequences, allotments and prices

    Tour & Excursion Package – Part 2

    You can assign a name in different languages to your tour package. If your tour or excursion covers multiple places, you can assign them all so that your tour is showing in searches for all these places. You can also assign a travel type, e.g. sightseeing, rafting, hiking etc. so that the customer can filter the search results.

    Validity period and departure days automatically create sequence dates for your tour or excursion, hence reducing your administrational efforts. With „special days“ and „cost“ you can add a surcharge for particular weekdays, such as weekends.

    Finally, you can add allotments and prices per customer type (adult, children, infants) in the service part of the form


    Tours and excursions in TravelBuzzes, part 3
    Create booking rules and descriptions for your tours in TravelBuzzes

    Tour & Excursion Package – Part 3

    Last, but not least, you can add booking rules to your tour package. The rules define e.g. minimum and maximum booking of optional services such as event tickets etc..

    You can also add pre-defined booking and cancelation rules. The rules will be displayed and confirmed by the customer during the booking process, therefore covering the legal needs.

    Finally, you can add a short and a long description of your tour package in multiple languages to be displayed in search and booking details.

    If you want to learn more about TravelBuzzes Tours & Excursions and how it fits your business, contact us!

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