How Travel Agencies can sell more online

How travel agencies can sell more trips online

Travel Agencies can sell more trips by covering a few basic components:

  1. Interesting travel content- e.g. unique travel packages, best prices, best tour guides
  2. An interesting website with good SEO to be found in internet
  3. A direct booking option for your customers

How we can help Travel Agencies

We have multiple options for you:

  1. Add your content for free to travel portal, a search engine optimized, global travel portal for B2B and B2C travel sales.
  2. Implementation of our free booking API or deep links to TravelBuzzes into your own website.
  3. And/or running the TravelBuzzes Application on your own URL for your travels exclusively to be sold on your network.

Furthermore, all 3 options can be combined!


How does your travel agency work?

You run a single travel agency or a group of travel agencies working together? You package tours, have special hotel rates, event tickets or excursions you want to mutually sell to your customers or to each other?

As a result of your sales efforts, you have lots of administrational tasks that take time from your core business.

If you want to work efficiently and with high quality, decreasing human errors and administrational efforts while increasing your revenue? You want to avoid financial risk and not spend much on a booking system?

Then TravelBuzzes is your solution!


How you can increase sales for your travel agencies

Firstly, each Travel Agency can register for TravelBuzzes and upload its services – and it’s for free!

You can put in your allotments and your customers and yourself can book from the inventory with real time availability and price confirmations.

Moreover, Travel Agencies can close mutual contracts in TravelBuzzes and grant each other discounts (fixed or percentage) for their services. Each agency setting up its individual profile with the „discount“ it is ready to provide for reselling its services. This discount will be deducted from the trip price for registered agencies who have a contract with the providing agency through TravelBuzzes and hence increase your revenue.

Because of  TravelBuzzes automation, no administrational effort for calculating or transferring commissions.

Finally, Travel Agencies buy services at a net price and resell to customers at their discretion.

At the same time, the trips can be sold online on the agencies website through the TravelBuzzes affiliate API and thus increase your customer reach!

Just copy and paste the source code we provide you with into your website. A filter function ensures, that only your own services are displayed on your website.

The staff at your travel agency can use the professional booking function to book the trip from the same inventory on site at the travel agency and thus keep your inventory up-to-date and grant that you will not loose track of your availabilities.

In addition, reporting functions and automatic email confirmations to you (and your client) enable you to keep track of all bookings and cancel bookings in the system if necessary.


What does it cost for Travel Agencies?

The inventory management system in TravelBuzzes is free for you and your customers – only in case of booking we will charge you a transaction fee of 5 EUR per booking.

If you rather run the TravelBuzzes Application exclusively, you can license it for a mere 249 EUR per month (no additional booking fees) and use it for your travel agency or your group/consortium of agencies.

No other costs arise, no risk is involved.

Make your services available for online booking and increase your revenue and your efficiency while decreasing the possibility of human errors.

Set up your services for resale in TravelBuzzes once and automatically create regular departure dates. Use Price Rules for surcharges or discounts for special days, dates or periods as well as fees for individual forms of payment per package.


  • All agents have the same information
  • All information is readily available
  • No time-consuming quote-process
  • No calculation errors
  • No availability errors
  • No manual confirmations
  • Automatic reporting
  • Online or offline payment

Set up your agency profile in TravelBuzzes.

Do you want to buy services from other agencies? Do you want to sell your services to other agencies?

Then just check the box! In settings you can then manage your contracts with other agencies so that they can book your services at the discount you set up in your profile and you can buy their services at a discounted rate too.

Do you have a website but no real-time online booking?

Just use your individual API-key with the TravelBuzzes API on your website to sell your services from the same inventory as on TravelBuzzes.

Your staff can use the professional booking mode to book and cancel your services on site.

Make a quote- earn bookings!

In TravelBuzzes all users can make requests for special services, e.g. for group trips, incentive trips, IATA-flights, hotel rooms, train tickets etc..

These requests are sent to all agencies connected to TravelBuzzes so that you can give a quote or receive a quote on your request.

The requesting user can manage the received quotes and contact you, accept or decline your offer on TravelBuzzes.

Everything is handled on the platform so that you won’t loose track of your requests/quotes.

Save time and money with bulk requests for services you want to buy.

Earn more with quotes for requests from other users!

Register now for free and use the TravelBuzzes advantages for more efficiency, more bookings and a higher quality in your work processes.

Keep track of your bookings and customer payments, earn money by reselling services from other agencies and by getting more bookings for your services.

And don’t forget – all your agents will have the same information at the ready and can handle many more traveller’s requests!

Stop losing money and sign up to TravelBuzzes – it’s free!

Travel Providers


per booking

Travel Providers, such as travel agencies, tour operators, event agencies, DMCs, hotels etc. can upload their services to TravelBuzzes and use the TravelBuzzes backend for free.

Register on and upload an authorization which shows that you are a tourism industry company. We will check your data immediately and grant you access for free.

Only in case of a booking, we charge 5 EUR

Tour Guides


per traveller

Upload your services, create travel blogs and upload destination photos to increase your reach to potential customers.

Sell to international agencies (optional) and travellers alike.

Increase your business with low effort and high efficiency.

Register today!

Event Tickets


per ticket

Upload your events and create numbered and unnumbered tickets.

Calculate prices per customer type and resell on to travel agencies (optional) and consumers.

Use the sophisticated backend of TravelBuzzes for a quick and easy booking generation.

Start today!



per month

Online travel agencies, tour operators, agency chains, DMCs etc. who want to run a travel booking platform, can license TravelBuzzes and use it for their purposes.

If you generate a higher amount of bookings or want to run TravelBuzzes on your own URL and administrate the platform for your needs, this license it your best choice.

No additional booking fee arises.

Patricia Hochstädter