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TravelbuZZes is the new way of generating bookings with low effort and high impact! TravelbuZZes is: 1. a portal run by a Tourist Authority, an Incoming Agency or a travel agency community in which travel service suppliers of all kinds can upload their services to sell them to consumers at a gross and travel agencies at a net price. At the same time, suppliers can use the TravelbuZZes API to implement the booking engine into their website and sell their own services through it without any additional effort. 2. TravelbuZZes is a booking platform for tour operators who can package and sell their services through it on their own websites - to consumers and agencies alike. 3. TravelbuZZes is a booking platform in which tourism companies with multiple sales offices can upload, package and sell their services internally or through their websites to consumers and agencies alike.


Process- and Revenue Optimization

You are in business since years? You rule the daily chaos with a tight grip, but you also know your workflows could be more efficient? Get support from outside specialists - only in this way your staff will accept the changes! Efficient workflows will free your resources which you can then user for profitable tasks. Your costs are too high? Your income too low? Let both be checked by our experts and get suggestions for optimization!

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You need support for a project? Your resources are strained, but the project cannot wait? We are happy to support you with our trained Project Managers - inhouse or remote - just as you demand. You need support for an offshore project? We can help you with this. In Middle East our experts are already on site with best contacts and years of experience!

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It is our philosophy to share the challenges of our customers and help them to to turn them into a success by using the expertise of our specialists. One of our major projects in supporting our customers was the development of our online B2B and B2C booking platform TravelbuZZes. TravelbuZZes is a portal in which travel service providers of all kinds - agencies, tour operators, guides, interpreters, rental cars suppliers etc., can upload their services to sell them to consumers and travel agencies. Or make use of additional resources to cover temporary needs to support a project, to develop your staff skills or to sell your products. You want to expand your business and need market intelligence? We do the research for you! Contact Us!

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At NegoS we help you make your vision come true.

We listen to you – and translate your ideas into a robust business and technology concept.

We find the best technology solution for you and support you in implementing it into your business.

    • Listen to you - and understand your vision
    • create your business and technology concept
    • find or develop the best technology solution for you
    • implement your solution and support change management
    • create and realize your marketing campaigns
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You have the idea - let us take care of the details. Whether you need business experts, a business plan, software concept, a tailormade software solution or staff - we will help you to turn your challenges into successes!

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Some of Our Recent Works

Get an idea of our work and learn more about our recent projects: Leading of an Offshore Development Project, Conceptioning of a Mid- and Back-Office-Software, Creating a business concept for an international online consolidator, Website Design, TravelbuZZes and Travel Kiosk


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