DMC and Tourist Board Reservation Portal

How DMCs and Tourist Boards can increase reservations

DMC & Tourist Boards Objective

As DMC-Destination Management Company and Tourist Board you have a few objectives in common.

You want to increase your resale volume.

You provide suppliers, e.g. hotels, tour guides, travel agencies etc. with an option to resell their services to you.

As DMC you offer single services and packages to tour operators.

As Tourist Board, you offer single services to consumers and travel agencies.

In both cases, the biggest administrational effort is uploading supplier services onto your sales platform.

DMCs and Tourist Boards Challenges

Your portfolio contains many hotels which you have to upload to your sales platform and keep updated. You have to ensure that the uploaded data is correct and availabilities and prices are always up-to-date.

Every time a customer needs one or more hotels to arrange a trip, you will provide him with options, prices and availabilities.

All of this is manual work and needs lots of communication – and therefore has lots of possibilities for human errors!

More efficiency for DMCs and Tourist Boards through TravelBuzzes

Run TravelBuzzes on your own URL with your own administration.

Hence, providing your suppliers with access to the platform so that they can upload their services with descriptions, photos, prices, allotments etc. at their own responsibility. After all, they know their products best!

Your customers can now choose and book from your platform and see availabilities and prices for themselves.

If you don’t want them to book directly, you can set up TravelBuzzes to just confirm a reservation instead.


Want to handle individual requests at your DMC or Tourist Board?

Services not available on the platform can be requested by your clients through a structured request form for which you can create and manage quotes.

If you want to resell your services to consumers and travel agencies, you can open the platform up for consumers and sell the services with a margin.

You can even provide affiliates, e.g. hotel providers, tour guides, tour operators etc., with the TravelBuzzes booking API and resell your services through them.

Therefore, you cannot only increase your customer reach, but also increase your visibility and sales volume.


Agency profile in TravelBuzzes
Agency profile in TravelBuzzes


Create hotel profile with facilities
Create hotel profile with facilities


Trip requests / quotes
Trip requests / quotes

If you want to make your work processes more efficient, generate more bookings and decrease opportunities for human errors – contact us to set up TravelBuzzes for you.

Price for DMCs and Tourist Boards


per month

Individual Set Up of TravelBuzzes. Unlimited log-ins for providers, agencies and consumers.

Installation on your URL – hosting in a renown data Center.

Robust, high performance, intuitive booking application with sophisticated backend.

Full capability for booking services:

  • Hotel only
  • Hotel packages
  • Packaged tours
  • Events
  • Excursions
  • Additional services
Patricia Hochstädter