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TravelBuzzes – Customer Retention

Customer retention is the biggest challenge for Booking Portals – the internet offers a large number of options for travel bookings. Users expect portals to not only offer best prices and interesting travel choices, but also options for their own comfort and information.

What the customer can do

Customers can

  • create a profile
  • define their travel preferences
  • create travel blogs with pictures to share with the community
  • check booking reports
  • cancel bookings
  • request specific travel services, e.g. MICE trips

How this benefits suppliers


Customers return to the booking page to create a travel blog or to check their personal Inspiration Page for their next trips.

Customers will be presented with special offers according to their preferences and thus increase the booking probability.

Sharing their or others Travel Blog with their friends on Facebook will increase visibility for suppliers.

When a customer requests a travel service through TravelBuZZeS, the request is sent to all suppliers registered on TravelBuZZeS. Suppliers can then quote for the request.

The option to cancel a booking through TravelBuZZeS decreases the administrational efforts of the supplier and immediately updates the supplier’s inventory.

Customer Retention
Get inspired with TravelBuzzes
Customer Retention
Customer Profile in TravelBuzzes
Customer retention
Get inspired for your next trip with TravelBuZZeS
Customer retention
Traveler's blogs in TravelBuZZeS
Customer retention
User requests for specific services in TravelBuZZeS
Customer retention
User can check their trip reports and cancel their bookings in TravelBuZZeS

Select Your Price Plan

Travel Providers


per booking

Travel Providers, such as travel agencies, tour operators, event agencies, DMCs, hotels etc. can upload their services to TravelBuzzes and use the TravelBuzzes backend for free.

Register on and upload an authorization which shows that you are a tourism industry company. We will check your data immediately and grant you access for free.

Only in case of a booking, we charge 5 EUR

Tour Guides


per traveller

Upload your services, create travel blogs and upload destination photos to increase your reach to potential customers.

Sell to international agencies (optional) and travellers alike.

Increase your business with low effort and high efficiency.

Register today!

Event Tickets


per ticket

Upload your events and create numbered and unnumbered tickets.

Calculate prices per customer type and resell on to travel agencies (optional) and consumers.

Use the sophisticated backend of TravelBuzzes for a quick and easy booking generation.

Start today!



per month

Online travel agencies, tour operators, agency chains, DMCs etc. who want to run a travel booking platform, can license TravelBuzzes and use it for their purposes.

If you generate a higher amount of bookings or want to run TravelBuzzes on your own URL and administrate the platform for your needs, this license it your best choice.

No additional booking fee arises.

Patricia Hochstädter