• Tour Guides- direct sales to consumers and agents

    Tours & Excursions in TravelBuzzes

    How Tour Guides can sell more excurions online

    As Tour Guide or excursions provider you need to be where your customers are when booking their trip

    –  to enable them to book a memorable stay in your region.


    How to increase your bookings

    Upload your services to our Tour module in TravelBuzzes and get your services booked by consumers and travel agencies or DMCs.


    TravelBuzzes Features

    You can create your profile and upload your services quickly. Adding photos and descriptions assigning the languages in which you provide your tours.

    You can add additional services like meals, pick-up service etc.

    When packaging your tours, you can add pricing rules, forms of payment, payment fees, allotments and prices.

    Once you are registered to the platform, potential customers can not only book your services, they can also send requests for special services. You will then receive a notification and can quote for them through TravelBuzzes.

    How to increase bookings on your own website

    Our booking API allows you to integrate online booking options into your own website and affiliate websites. Once the API is implemented, you can generate bookings from the same inventory without much effort or additional cost.


    What you should do now

    Contact us to learn how TravelBuzzes fits your business and explore the potential!

    Tours and excursions on TravelBuzzes
    Book excursions online with TravelBuzzes

    Tour & excursion package – Part 1

    With TravelBuzzes you can create and calculate tours and excursions of any kind and package them for selling to consumers and agencies.

    As you can see in the screenshot, you can assign multiple meeting points to a tour (excursion) to cover all pick-ups.

    You can add additional services, such as transfers, meals, admission tickets etc. as optional or included services.

    If the pricing of your services changes during the season or for particular dates or your form of payment changes depending on the booking date, you can add price rules.

    Tours and excursions on TravelBuzzes part 2
    Assign places, tours types, departure sequences, allotments and prices

    Tour & Excursion Package – Part 2

    You can assign a name in different languages to your tour package. If your tour or excursion covers multiple places, you can assign them all so that your tour is showing in searches for all these places. You can also assign a travel type, e.g. sightseeing, rafting, hiking etc. so that the customer can filter the search results.

    Validity period and departure days automatically create sequence dates for your tour or excursion, hence reducing your administrational efforts. With „special days“ and „cost“ you can add a surcharge for particular weekdays, such as weekends.

    Finally, you can add allotments and prices per customer type (adult, children, infants) in the service part of the form


    Tours and excursions in TravelBuzzes, part 3
    Create booking rules and descriptions for your tours in TravelBuzzes

    Tour & Excursion Package – Part 3

    Last, but not least, you can add booking rules to your tour package. The rules define e.g. minimum and maximum booking of optional services such as event tickets etc..

    You can also add pre-defined booking and cancelation rules. The rules will be displayed and confirmed by the customer during the booking process, therefore covering the legal needs.

    Finally, you can add a short and a long description of your tour package in multiple languages to be displayed in search and booking details.

    If you want to learn more about TravelBuzzes Tours & Excursions and how it fits your business, contact us!

    Tour bookings


    per traveller

    Add your tour and excursion content to TravelBuzzes.com booking portal and use the sophisticated backend for free.

    Add our free booking API to your own website and deploy it to affiliates to generate more bookings of your tour services.

    Add blogs and photos for a higher awareness and more revenue.

    Only in case of booking we charge you with 1 EUR per booked traveller!

    Register now for free!

  • Event tickets and packages in TravelBuzzes

    Sell your event tickets online and on-site

    Sell more event tickets

    As an event agency you need to sell your tickets online and on-site to consumers and travel agencies.


    Safe time & efforts

    You want to create your event only 1 time and sell tickets from 1 inventory.

    TravelBuzzes can help you achieving these goals!

    With TravelBuzzes you create your event tickets easily and sell and manage them online and on-site to agencies and consumers.

    Booking confirmations are created automatically and sent to consumers and to you immediately after booking.

    Booking reports and a professional booking mode allow you to keep track of bookings and sell your tickets from 1 inventory online and on-site.


    Increase your reach

    Sell your events through our affiliate API; it can be integrated in websites easily. You can deploy it to your agency partners and integrate it into all your websites for free.


    Interested in increasing your revenue


    Contact us to learn more about TravelBuzzes and how it fits your business!

    Choose your Pricing Plan

    Join TravelBuzzes.com


    per ticket

    Join TravelBuzzes.com and upload your events to the platform.

    You will be part of a tourism service platform that sells services to travel agencies and consumers.

    You set your allotments and your prices, define your payment forms and fees, create confirmation templates, build your agency network and you collect the payment from your customers yourself.

    TravelBuzzes is the portal that enables you to generate more bookings from a global customer base.

    We do the marketing, you do the travel services!

    Run your own platform


    per month

    Run your own travel platform to sell your event tickets and event packages!

    You set the rules and administrate TravelBuzzes on your own terms.

    The application is run on your own URL under your name.

    We provide the software – you do the rest!

    Whether you sell only your own services or the services from other providers as well, is up to your own discretion.

    Don’t stop at event tickets, enhance your product scope and add packages containing hotels, transfers, meals, excursions etc.

  • Tour Operators inventory system – manage and sell your travels online

    Inventory management and online bookings for tour operators

    Tour operators‘ main objective is to generate bookings with as little cost and effort as possible.

    TravelBuzzes can help you achieve this goal.

    TravelBuzzes is:


    a booking portal on www.travelbuzzes.com
    an online inventory system for hotels, packages, events and excursions
    an online booking application for B2B and B2C bookings
    an affiliate IBE which you can put on partner websites
    a request and quote management system
    a reservation system for travel agencies


    Features for Tour Operators


    Tour Operators can use the Travelbuzzes application to manage and calculate their travels. Package your services with descriptions and photos in multiple languages and currencies, define price rules for particular days, dates and periods for bookings and cancelations, define and assign payment rules and fees to your packages. Don’t stop at travel packages; you can also manage and sell event tickets, excursions, tour packages with multiple destinations, hotel packages with hotel choices or hotel only services.

    After booking your customer and you will receive an automated booking confirmation.

    A booking report is available with booking number, status, service details and prices for your registered customer as well as for you. The booking report can be printed or exported in Excel-format.

    Moreover, the booking report offers you the option to cancel bookings.


    Increase your reach


    You can integrate TravelBuzzes into your website, create a link to the application or a direct link to your service.

    You can implement our affiliate API for free and also deploy it to affiliate websites to reach even more customers.

    You can use TravelBuzzes exclusively on your own URL or you can upload your services to the TravelBuzzes Booking platform on www.travelbuzzes.com.



    Contact us to learn more about TravelBuzzes and how it fits your business.

    Prices for Tour Operators

    Tour Operators


    per month

    Tour operators who want to run a travel booking platform, can license TravelBuzzes and use it for their purposes.

    If you generate a higher amount of bookings or want to run TravelBuzzes on your own URL and administrate the platform for your needs, this license it your best choice.

    Included is the TravelBuzzes API which you can deploy to your affiliates to integrate into their websites.

    No additional booking fees arise!

  • DMC and Tourist Board Reservation Portal

    How DMCs and Tourist Boards can increase reservations

    DMC & Tourist Boards Objective

    As DMC-Destination Management Company and Tourist Board you have a few objectives in common.

    You want to increase your resale volume.

    You provide suppliers, e.g. hotels, tour guides, travel agencies etc. with an option to resell their services to you.

    As DMC you offer single services and packages to tour operators.

    As Tourist Board, you offer single services to consumers and travel agencies.

    In both cases, the biggest administrational effort is uploading supplier services onto your sales platform.

    DMCs and Tourist Boards Challenges

    Your portfolio contains many hotels which you have to upload to your sales platform and keep updated. You have to ensure that the uploaded data is correct and availabilities and prices are always up-to-date.

    Every time a customer needs one or more hotels to arrange a trip, you will provide him with options, prices and availabilities.

    All of this is manual work and needs lots of communication – and therefore has lots of possibilities for human errors!

    More efficiency for DMCs and Tourist Boards through TravelBuzzes

    Run TravelBuzzes on your own URL with your own administration.

    Hence, providing your suppliers with access to the platform so that they can upload their services with descriptions, photos, prices, allotments etc. at their own responsibility. After all, they know their products best!

    Your customers can now choose and book from your platform and see availabilities and prices for themselves.

    If you don’t want them to book directly, you can set up TravelBuzzes to just confirm a reservation instead.


    Want to handle individual requests at your DMC or Tourist Board?

    Services not available on the platform can be requested by your clients through a structured request form for which you can create and manage quotes.

    If you want to resell your services to consumers and travel agencies, you can open the platform up for consumers and sell the services with a margin.

    You can even provide affiliates, e.g. hotel providers, tour guides, tour operators etc., with the TravelBuzzes booking API and resell your services through them.

    Therefore, you cannot only increase your customer reach, but also increase your visibility and sales volume.


    Agency profile in TravelBuzzes
    Agency profile in TravelBuzzes


    Create hotel profile with facilities
    Create hotel profile with facilities


    Trip requests / quotes
    Trip requests / quotes

    If you want to make your work processes more efficient, generate more bookings and decrease opportunities for human errors – contact us to set up TravelBuzzes for you.

    Price for DMCs and Tourist Boards


    per month

    Individual Set Up of TravelBuzzes. Unlimited log-ins for providers, agencies and consumers.

    Installation on your URL – hosting in a renown data Center.

    Robust, high performance, intuitive booking application with sophisticated backend.

    Full capability for booking services:

    • Hotel only
    • Hotel packages
    • Packaged tours
    • Events
    • Excursions
    • Additional services
  • TravelBuzzes for Online Travel Agencies

    FrontPage best offers
    Create event
    Customer Inspiration Page
    Trip requests / quotes

    TravelBuzzes for Online Travel Agencies

    An Online Travel Agency is your vision?


    You want to be an online travel agency and run a travel booking platform and sell hotel, package, event or excursion services in multiple languages and currencies?

    Then TravelBuzzes is the solution for you!

    Why TravelBuzzes is the best solution for Online Travel Agencies


    TravelBuzzes is fully online – no installation, no update process, no back-up necessary.

    TravelBuzzes is hosted on servers of a renown data Center with high scalability to grand your users quick performance, stability and security.

    TravelBuzzes is intuitive – hardly any training is necessary to use the application efficiently – but if you have a higher need for customization or training- our team is happy to provide it.

    TravelBuzzes has a number of advantages for Online Travel Agencies


    You can upload hotel data and use it for:

    • hotel only stays with additional services
    • trips with 1 hotel and additional services (optional and mandatory) for a defined period of stay
    • trips with multiple hotels from which the customer can choose and additional services for a defined period of stay
    • trips to multiple destinations (study tours etc.) with one or more hotels for a defined period of stay

    Additional Data:

    You can upload additional data and reuse it for all kinds of packages, whether hotel, event, tour package or excursion.


    You can upload your events with tickets

    • with numbered seats, bookable on a seat map
    • with unnumbered seats
    • tickets by category
    • prices for adults, seniors, students, children and infants
    • surcharges and discounts by rules per customer type, date and days


    With TravelBuzzes you can also manage and sell all types of excursion with

    • 1 or more meeting points (departure place, bus stop)
    • to 1 or more destinations
    • with additional services
    • with languages as filter/search criteria

    For all services you can define the check-in/departure/event dates and create automatic sequences.
    All services can be copied and changed for higher work efficiency.

    All services with defined allotments and prices – and if your pricing is more complex, our price rules support your automatic calculation.

    After booking, confirmations are sent to customer and provider automatically in the language set in user profile.

    Increase your customer base


    You want to sell to travel agencies as well as to consumers?

    No problem. With TravelBuzzes, your set up your trips with a pricing for consumers, close contracts with travel agencies and define their commission in your profile. These agencies will then be able to book your services at a rate reduced by the commission.

    More efficiency

    Afraid to loose track?

    Don’t worry- TravelBuzzes reporting gives you many reporting options to keep track of all bookings, customers and payments.

    Customer retention


    You want to retain your customers but don’t want to spend much time on it?

    Online travel agencies lack the personal contact to their customers and cannot advise them as offline agencies – but there is a remedy! Our customer Inspiration Page!

    TravelBuzzes creates an Inspiration Page based on customer preferences for each customer automatically.

    Moreover, customers can create Travel Blogs and upload their holiday photos to share with the community and rate their trips.

    Registered users can also cancel their trips and create trip reports.

    What you should do now


    Contact us for more information!

    Travel Providers


    per booking

    Travel Providers, such as travel agencies, tour operators, event agencies, DMCs, hotels etc. can upload their services to TravelBuzzes and use the TravelBuzzes backend for free.

    Register on www.travelbuzzes.com and upload an authorization which shows that you are a tourism industry company. We will check your data immediately and grant you access for free.

    Only in case of a booking, we charge 5 EUR



    per month

    Online travel agencies, tour operators, agency chains, DMCs etc. who want to run a travel booking platform, can license TravelBuzzes and use it for their purposes.

    If you generate a higher amount of bookings or want to run TravelBuzzes on your own URL and administrate the platform for your needs, this license it your best choice.

    No additional booking fee arises.



    per booking

    The TravelBuzzes API can be integrated into your website or partner websites easily. The API key filters TravelBuzzes content so that only your services will be displayed on your or your partner’s website.

    The API is free of charge and can be integrated into as many websites as you wish.

    We only charge you in case of booking, per booking.

    Website Design


    per website

    If you need a new web presence, we are happy to help you.

    We create your Website with WordPress and set up your style sheet so that you can easily upload your content.

    We can build a professional, average website for as little as 500 EUR, for a more sophisticated Design or Layout or specific functionality, please contact us for an individual quote.