Unique Feature

TravelBuzzes manages packages with 1 or more hotels, tours to multiple destinations and events easily packaged and deployed to consumers and agencies alike.

Add additional services or request special services through the application.

User Friendly

TravelBuzzes is easy to handle, intuitive and efficient.

Add your services, package and define departure days during validity period- the system handles departure dates automatically.

Excellent Support

Our starter package with user manual and recordings of „How to“ videos will get you started quickly.

If you need more help, our support is available 24/7 in German and English by email or chat.

App Of The Year

TravelBuzzes makes you more efficient – and helps you retaining your customers by marketing tools such as Traveller’s Blogs, individual Inspiration Pages, Newsletters and Special Requests.

Online Bookings for More Revenue

For more bookings and less effort- use TravelBuzzes online inventory to manage and sell your travel packages online.

You want to join a community of travel service providers and sell your services on TravelBuzzes.com to a global community of travellers?

Then join us today – just register as agency on www.travelbuzzes.com and start uploading your services.

Use our Backend and API for free – you will only be charged for bookings.

You want to sell your services online but rather run the booking platform yourself on your URL?

Contact us for setting up the TravelBuzzes application on your URL.

We provide you with the software and you take care of the trips!

We will only charge you a monthly fee.

TravelBuzzes the travel booking portal for suppliers - pay per use

Amazing Features

  • Travel Agencies

    Work together – upload your travel packages to TravelBuzzes and sell to fellow agents at a net and consumers at a gross price.

  • OTA's

    Run your Online Travel Agency platform on TravelBuzzes. Customize for your needs and sell your client’s services online.

  • DMC's

    Being a Destination Management Company or Tourist Board, you can invite your service providers to add their services directly to TravelBuzzes and grant your customers direct booking access.

TravelBuzzes Inspiration Page - retain your customers by added value
  • Tour Operators

    Tour Operators cannot only integrate TravelBuzzes into their website, but also deploy the affiliate API to travel agencies to allow agencies and consumers a comfortable booking experience.

  • Event Agencies

    Upload all kinds of Events to TravelBuzzes and sell your tickets online to agencies and consumers. All tickets can be sold by seat-map or as generic tickets.

  • Tour Guides

    Tour guides can upload and sell their tours directly to DMCs, travel agencies or consumers.

TravelBuzzes - tour the application

TravelBuzzes.com is an online booking portal for a community of travel service providers such as hotels, DMCs, tour operators, travel agencies, tour guides and event agencies who upload their services to the platform for free using the cutting-edge backend system of TravelBuzzes.

All service providers will only be charged in case of booking!

TravelBuzzes is a cutting-edge only inventory management for travel services such as hotel, packages, tours, events and excursions. You can use the application on your own URL and run your own online booking platform with your own and/or other provider’s services. We will provide you with the technology and charge you a monthly license fee only.

Generate more revenue!

Sell your travel services online by uploading to TravelBuzzes.

Easy handling and efficient work processes decrease your time to market, global marketing increases your reach to potential customers.

We help you not only to reach a new potential customers, but increase your customer retention rate by hotel ratings, traveller’s blogs, individual inspiration pages based on customer profiles and online cancelation features.

Hotels: Increase your sales of add-on services by adding them as optional services. The customer can book in advance for a particular date.

Tour operators: Show your flexibility – let your customer pick from a selection of hotels and optional services for his trip. Sell excursions in advance.

Study tours: Assign multiple destinations to your tours. Your travel package can be found for each destination you cover.

DMCs: Provide your suppliers with individual access to the platform so that they can upload their services themselves and your customers can check on availability and pricing.

Travel agencies: Book from a vast variety of services AND upload your organized trips as well. Sell to consumers and agencies alike. A professional booking mode gives you a better insight into availabilities and quick booking.

Event Agencies: Add your events and tickets to the system. You can create numbered seat tickets as well as unnumbered tickets with various categories and types.

Tour Guides: Add your tours, applicable languages, optional services, multiple destinations and meeting points, allotments and prices.

All: Use sophisticated, intuitive price rules for adding discounts and surcharges to your packages, efficiently book travels with the professional booking mode and keep track of bookings with TravelBuzzes Trip Reports.

Users: Set up your profile with travel preferences and enjoy individual inspiration pages for your preferred destinations, create travel blogs and upload your pictures. Easily book and cancel services and use your trip reports to keep track of your bookings.

Why Choose TravelBuzzes

Extend your reach to potential customers through online booking capabilities.

With TravelBuzzes you can add your services to a global booking portal as well as to your own and partner websites and give travel agencies access to your services.

TravelBuzzes is intuitive. The handling is easy and training is unnecessary.

You can start immediately and add your services quickly to share them with travel agencies and consumers.

You can use TravelBuzzes as your inventory management system and run it on your own URL or join the community. In both cases, travel agents can book for a net price and use the professional booking mode for higher efficiency.

At TravelBuzzes we charge you only in case of booking, if you join the platform at www.travelbuzzes.com. If you do not generate a booking, you don't pay. There is no basic fee and at the very least, you can use the inventory system to manage your trips across all your agents for free.

If you run the software on your own URL, we charge you 249 EUR per month per module (hotel packages, events and tours), but no booking fee.

With this, you can set up the software to your liking and run an OTA, a DMC or use it as inhouse system to manage your inventory.

TravelBuzzes frontpage with best offers for packages, tours and events

TravelBuzzes! The best application ever

Sell your service online – quick and easy! Contribute to our ever growing community of international travel service providers!

Meet the Team

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Pricing Table

Choose your Price Plan:

Join the TravelBuzzes.com community? Pay per transaction.

Run TravelBuzzes application on your own URL? Pay a monthly fee.

Travel Providers


per booking

Travel Providers, such as travel agencies, tour operators, event agencies, DMCs, hotels etc. can upload their services to TravelBuzzes and use the TravelBuzzes backend for free.

Register on www.travelbuzzes.com and upload an authorization which shows that you are a tourism industry company. We will check your data immediately and grant you access for free.

Only in case of a booking, we charge 5 EUR

Run your own portal


per month

Online travel agencies, tour operators, agency chains, DMCs etc. who want to run a travel booking platform, can license TravelBuzzes and use it for their purposes.

If you generate a higher amount of bookings or want to run TravelBuzzes on your own URL and administrate the platform for your needs, this license it your best choice.

No additional booking fee arises.

Event Tickets


per ticket

Upload your events and create numbered and unnumbered tickets.

Calculate prices per customer type and resell on www.travelbuzzes.com to travel agencies (optional) and consumers.

Use the sophisticated backend of TravelBuzzes for a quick and easy booking generation.

Start today!

Tour Guides


per traveller

Tour Guides!

Upload your services, create travel blogs and upload destination photos to increase your reach to potential customers.

Sell to international agencies (optional) and travellers alike.

Increase your business with low effort and high efficiency.

Register today!

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